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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Might as well... spend some points X3

Pokemon You're Evolving: Basil the Ratatta
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Raticate
Evolution Point Requirement: 20
Points On-Hand: 106 (not counting this post)
Points After Evolution: 86
Link to stats: Ici!

Pokemon You're Evolving: Shelly the Squirtle
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Wartortle
Evolution Point Requirement: 16
Points On-Hand: 86 (factoring previous evo)
Points After Evolution: 70
Link to stats:Ici!

Might level up Spirit soon as well, but this is good for now)

Moon doesn't move, simply eyeing Max wordlessly. She feels a bizarre blend of hopelessness, pain mixed with dying determination. It weighs heavy on the inside...

Shelly, on the other hand, watching her partner like this, becomes more driven then ever. She didn't have much to offer, but Moon needed whatever the water type could muster. It was her turn to step up to the plate and help her friend out...

Channeling her energy, Shelly feels a surge of power...

{Activity will likely be off} {Paired with Sam }
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