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Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Bobalina, Neku, Miles
Location: Route 3

"Sara, Leaf Tornado, NOW," Quinn said. Sara whipped up a tornado made of leaves, circling Jackson, hurting him.

"What was that for, jerk?!" He said.

"Miles, Hypnosis."

"Muuunn," He replied. In an instant, Jackson fell asleep.

"Bobalina, T--Wait, Neku, Water Gun on his pants. For good measure." Neku sprayed water onto the jerk's pants, looking like he wet himself.

"Bobalina, Twister." Bobalina summoned a little tornado of such and flew Jackson to God knows where.
Official's Post:

You know, it's often not a good thing to assault other trainers in Celestia. If witnessed, the residents tend to get pretty angry.

A figure leaps out from the bushes beside you. "Hyaaa!"

Startled, you turn to face the maker of such a strange battle cry. What you see before you is rather impressive.

"I am a Pokemon Ranger!" the person before you says, whipping out his Capture Styler. "And I saw you do a very bad thing! You must be punished!"

Before you have a chance to explain yourself, the Pokemon Ranger quickly uses his capture thingy-ma-bob to control a nearby Hoothoot which was perching in a bush. "Hoothoot, help me reprimand this criminal!"

The Hoothoot flies down from the tree to assist the ranger. It seems karma is coming back at you, for it is firing Whirlwinds straight at you.

A wild Hoothoot appeared!
Using Whirlwind.

TRAINER TIPS: There's nothing saying a Ranger's controlled Pokemon is owned by the ranger, if you get what I mean.

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Walking

Wow, it's so dark under here!" Sarah said, surprised. It was still midafternoon, but it seemed like twilight under the thick tree canopy.

Sarah returned her Sunken to its Pokeball to rest, and continued the journey with her starter, Aster.

"Keep an eye out for wild Pokemon, okay?" Sarah cautioned. "It's so dark, it wouldn't be hard for them to take us by surprise!"

Sarah entered Route 3 from Navi Town.
Official's Post:

Yes, you certainly did not want to be taken by surprise. I'm sure we've all heard the old stories of Route 3 - like the one in which many Pokemon skulls were found, littered amongst the forest floors, or the story of poor Billy Johnson who was last seen battling a wild Shuppet or even the poor trainers that traverse the route and come home possessed.

Hopefully your Pokemon can protect you. Fufufufufufu.

Anyway, you're walking along carefully so you do not trip over anything unexpectedly. Considering the low light levels, you're doing pretty well.

Then someone/thing taps you on the shoulder.

You quickly swivel round, expecting to see a ghoul, or something. However, there appeared to be nothing behind you.

Oh dear.

You blame it on paranoia and continue on your merry way.


Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Treading to Route 4


I run over to inspect, Volcano ready to fight at my side.

"Now what could this be..."
Official's Post:

Upon inspection of the strange holes, you notice that they appear to run down into the earth for quite a long time. You are certain there's something of value down there, be it Pokemon or item or other treasures.

You just need a way to flush the 'treasure' out. Hmm.
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