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Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post
I have created something similar to these, at least based on what you describe. Basically I create a move that gives boosts or effects to what the Pokemon does. Below is an example of what I've made that has been approved.


Vio-Nai the Hydriegon [F]
Ability: Levitate
Signature Move: Triple Driver
Vio-Nai was always perceptive and skillful in finding ways to utilize her three heads. Favoring special attacks, she discovered two ways of doing this. One way was to combine all her breath attacks into one powerful stream, making attacks like Flamethrower and Dragon pulse much more powerful at the cost of a bit more energy. In single combat this worked out well, however she found another use for it in multiple opponent combat. Rather than directing all of her heads into one powerful stream, she used her heads to attack more than one opponent at once, using up a bit more energy so she wouldn’t lose too much power. Finding that hitting and wearing down multiple opponents at once brought her success in battles. However, she could only keep it up until she had so much energy left, but she found it worth the effort. Really, three heads were better than two.
Type: Dragon
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: Special attack's energy modifier +3 energy when this effect is used. [Eg Dragon Pulse energy mod +3 energy]
Converge: [Concentrated attacks]
Attack's BP increases by 50%
Accuracy of attacks lowered by 10%
Has a chance of inflicting status effect of attack onto user. Eg chance of self inflicting burn from Flamethrower.

Diverge: [Split attacks]
All Special attacks used are treated as multi targeting attacks, such Rock Slide when attacks are used under this condition.
Center position of Triple battles, can hit all three opponents. BP of attacks are reduced to 60% in this case.
Can hit up to 2 Double team clones at once. Main head watches for the real Opponent and does not attack.

Universal effects:
All special attacks use an additional 3% energy when attacks have an additional [Converge] or [Diverge] tag added to them. Tri-Attack is exception to this rule and does not apply to this effect.
Effects cease when at 20% energy. Cannot use if under 20% energy. Cannot use while Confused or Infatuated. Can't be used if Special Attack has been lowered.[/U]
Usage Gap: Every other action
Note:This isn’t as much of a move as it is an added effect. These affects apply when actions are given in the following format:
Flamethrower [Converge] or Dragon Pulse [Diverge]

I'm not ENTIRELY sure if this is more to what you're thinking of.
It's basically the same thing that I was thinking of. However, it seems like you had to forgo getting an actual Signature Move in order to get those effects; what I was thinking of allowed for both those effects AND a move at the same time, although you could only have one if you wished. From what I can tell here, you can get either a move or an attribute(like what you posted), but not both.

Sorry if what I'm saying isn't exactly clear. I'll try to clarify if you need me to, if you're confused, or I can alternatively post an example of one if need be.