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Originally Posted by Morph View Post
Trainer: Bando
Party: Snorunt, Minccino
Currently: On Route 1

"Uh, hello there sorry about that-." Im cut off half way threw my apology with angry shouts from the wild Sunkern. "Ker! Sunkern! Sun! Sun!" Minccino hops down from the trees above and begins to try and calm the Sunkern but to no avail. The wild Sunkern begins to puff up a lets out a high pitched whistle. "Oh no... thats... Grass...Whist..." I fall to the ground and sleep as do Snorunt and Minccino.

I wake up and take a quick look around, the Sunkern seemed to have already left. I sit up and notice Snorunt and Minccino are still sleeping. I chuckle as i recall all the events that have happened so far. " I hope things continue to be as exciting as they have been so far." I yawn then drif back to sleep.
Official's Post

You drift pleasantly back to sleep. I wonder what you're dreaming about? What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snoooooooze.

Of course, lots can happen whilst one is asleep. As children, we often had the perception that whilst we were asleep, nothing else ever occurred in the world. Of course, we were pretty egocentric when we were young.

Hopefully you've grown up. Things do happen whilst you sleep.

A small Pokemon walks up to you as you dozed, prodding you with its feet.

"Odd?" it queried, still tapping you with its feet. The wild Oddish looked somewhat confused by your unconscious state. Bored, it went to go pester another trainer.

All of this happened and you won't ever know it.
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