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Trainer: Zayna
Party: Charmander (Blaze)
Currently: Standing around

So, here I am. Starting a new adventure, I guess.

I blinked as I stepped out of the research lab, plunging into the relentless summer sun. Lifting a hand to shade my eyes, I gazed over the port known as Andromeda Town. A slight breeze teased my hair, bringing with it the tang of salt from the sea. I felt the promise of a beautiful day in the air.

Yet I remained rooted in place. Suddenly, I was unsure of what to do next.

I should explain myself. A few weeks ago, I washed up on the shores of a place called Celestia, with absolutely no idea who I was or what I was doing. Luckily, someone found me and gave me medical attention, but as of yet my memory has not returned. I have only a name—which I’m not even sure it’s mine. So understand that my apparent awkwardness doesn’t come from nervousness, or even freshness; its honestly because I just can’t remember how to do anything.

I sighed, glancing down at the Poké Ball in my hand. Someone had the brilliant idea that taking on a journey across Celestia might help jog my memory. My rescuers were convinced that I had once been a Trainer, what with all the (ruined) gear I had with me when I was found. Getting back into training might trigger something, they figure. I suppose it makes sense. But that’s not the real reason why I went through with this.

Some part of me told me I was looking for something. What that was, I can’t guess, but I thought that maybe I might find the answers here in Celestia. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to try. And who knows, maybe this might be fun.

Throwing the ball in the air, I released the Pokémon given to me by Professor Cedar. I was now the proud owner of a little orange lizard… thing. The Charmander looked up at me with blue eyes, studying me as closely as I studied him.

After a long moment, I said, “So… I guess we’re stuck together, huh?”

The lizard nodded once, eyes still bright with curiousity.

“All right, then,” I placed my hands on my hips. “Best get introduced, then. I’m Zayna. And, er, I guess I get to name you.”

He nodded again, the flame flickering excitedly on the tip of his tail.

Sheesh. If I was supposed to be a Trainer, why was this so hard for me? I didn’t know what to call him! I went through all the fire-related names I could think of. None were creative, but I didn’t know what else to do.

“Congrats,” I finally announced. “Your name is Blaze.”

The creature considered his new name for a moment before “char”-ing in approval.

“Good. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s do a little exploring,” I clipped Blaze’s empty capsule on my belt. “I want to check out the lighthouse before we head to Route 1.”

I was surprised at the sudden surge of confidence I felt. Blinking down at Blaze, I saw him furrow his eyebrows. He didn’t give any objections, however, and so the two of us headed out to the lighthouse.

Here goes nothing.

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