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Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Battling Meowth
I drop my precious sandwich into the ground and barely dodge the wild Meowth's claws as it reaches the lunchbox.
"Treecko, use leer!"
Treecko shove the entire Poffin in his mouth and glared at the Meowth with enlarged cheeks.
"Nya!" The wild Meowth jumped back with fear, sandwich in its mouth.
"Treecko, use Swords Dance while the Meowth is hesitating!"
Treecko's tail glow with a blue light.
"N-nya!!! "The wild meowth saw the opportunity to attack and leap at Treecko, with arms in the air, ready to strike multiple times.
"Treecko, now! Use pound!" Treecko jumps and use his fast speed to strike the wild Meowth's back before it gets the chance to use its claws.
"Nya~..." Meowth instantly fall to the ground while Treecko land safely on the other side.
"Now, go Pokeball!" I throw a Pokeball at Meowth and patiently wait for its acceptance.
Official's Post

Meowth is sucked into the Pokeball in a flash of red light! The ball drops to the ground and begins to shake! You and Treecko both watch in silence, wondering if you're going to make your very first capture!


Meowth was caught!
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