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Default Re: Elemental Fighters

Name (first and last): Cobalt Shadowhunter

Age (12-18): 17

Appearance (be thourough):
Taller than most girls, but still short for a guy. Not very muscular. Thin. Shaggy brown hair, and green eyes. Hair usually covers one of the eyes, and usually not styled in any way, unless he is swimming, during which, it is usually pulled back to stay out of his eyes. Pale skin. Usually sticks to black clothes, and wears either a black, or dark emerald green hooded cloak.

History (optional, but be detailed):
After the war in which Cobalt's mother was killed, Cobalt's father fell into a deep depression. He trained Cobalt in the manipulation of fire, but 3 years after the war, he went missing one night. His depression was obvious to those around him, and it was assumed he took his own life that night. Cobalt moved in with his uncle, who wasn't trained like his father, leaving Cobalt to teach himself. 7 years after his fathers disappearance, Cobalt has taught himself everything he could, and though he has mastered his daggers and his longbow, he is still far from being a master of fire.

Element: Fire

Weapon(s): Long curved daggers and a longbow. Also has a small carpenters knife that he got off his uncle for fletching new arrows.

Personality: Cobalt is quiet, and tends to hate having the attention focused on him. To people who he doesn't know well, he is cold, mean, rude and blunt. This however is an act to drive away people who won't stay. Due to losing both his parents whom he loved more than anything in the world, Cobalt is scared of getting attached to people. But once they prove their worth to him, Cobalt is a caring person who will do anything for those close to him and will always be there for them. He also gets attached to the people whom he deems worthy very fast, which in some cases, leads to him getting hurt if they aren't what he thought they were. Even though this is the case, Cobalt is mentally unstable, and sometimes struggles to control his anger. Though he rarely gets violent, he can tend to yell and say things he regrets. His fire that he generates is also blue from his mental instability. Fire he manipulates stays its original color. Cobalt has a strong faith in Christianity, and believes that his, and the other elemental wrrios gifts are from God, and should be used for him. He wears a stone cross necklace that was his mothers before her death during the war, and will never let any harm come to it.

Other Details: Cobalt is a guy if I didn't make it obvious with all the "he"s

Also: Is this based in medieval times? the fact that they were reffered to as swordsmen made me think that, but i am not 100% ha ha

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