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Default Re: Pe2k Member Interviews - 21 Questions; #10 Winter

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
Unless you consider yourself a deviant, raising you relatively properly is deserving of respect in itself. While respect is something to be earned, you should keep in mind that there are many ways for one to earn said respect as well. For example, people give respect to people who dedicate themselves to a positive cause. Most certainly, from my own POV, your parents at least deserve some respect.

I honestly can't imagine, if you are actually calling your parents senile and actually meaning it, the amount of pain that they would feel coming from their son. It is something to reflect upon, perhaps, that you should be wary of your actions from this POV. I don't actually know to what extent you do these things. Moments of fit in an argument? Fine. Everyday life? Not cool.
Gotta agree with this here - I have the habit of just giving respect out to everyone and then feeling poop when I get none back. But hey, I'll live xD

Oh, no no no. I'm actually quite close with my mum ^^; We joke around by insulting each other, so it's all fine xD Like I said, calling her "senile" or "fugly" makes her giggle - I'm only messing about and she knows it :D

How did we get from interviews to this?! xD Seems like we're going a little off-topic, haha. Gotta love this forum though, the conversations and stuff :')


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