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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Inside Lighthouse (Andromeda)

"So, where do we go now Treecko?"
"Oh, I know! Let's go to the Lighthouse! I heard that its a very famous landmark in this city. I hope we can find something inside!"
We both run into the direction of the lighthouse.
"Wow, its so old. I wonder if there's anyone inside."
"Don't be scared Treecko, I'm here with you so don't worry."

*Entering Lighthouse*

The place is amazing. There are electric pokemon everywhere charging up and releasing their electric attacks at a large round cylinder with wires connected from all direction. The place is very bright, from all the lightnings and the shining beacon from the upper levels of the Lighthouse. But aside from that, I don't see any humans around.
"Tree!" Treecko happily mingle with the electric pokemon as I observe the surroundings.
"Oh Well, Let's go Treecko! We should get going with our adventure."
"Tree..." Treecko stop playing with the Pikachus and return to my side.
"I guess we should head into route 1 first."

*Leaving Lighthouse to Route 1*

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