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Default Re: Navi Town

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Exploring Navi Town

"Well we're all stocked up and signed up for that tournament as well!" Sarah said to Reni, as they left the PokeMart.

"Let's take a quick look around town and then get going. Aster, come out and see Navi Town!" Sarah released her Bulbasaur from his Pokeball. He seemed fully rested.

The trio walked around the small town. They stopped at the Trainer School but no one seemed to be there. A few people were fishing off a bridge to the west of town.

"Caught anything?" Sarah asked one of the women fishing as she passed.

"Not today, love. But there are Horsea in this river, I'm darn sure of it. Saw me Pa reel one in when I was but a wee lass."

"Well, good luck!" Sarah smiled.

Eventually the trio came to the edge of town. A sign indicated that Route 3 was directly ahead. "Let's keep going!"

Sarah left Navi Town and entered Route 3.
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