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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
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You find your way back to the path and everything seems calm again as you continue your journey with Snorunt. Every so often you hear a rustling in the leaves above and get the feeling you're being watched. Of course, it's probably just the wind...

After a time, the rustling becomes more consistent. You're sure that there's something up in the branches above your head. You stop for a moment and look up. The creature twitches slightly, and you catch sight of a grey and white tail poking out of the leaves. You know that tail!

It seems the Minccino from earlier has been following you for some reason, and is now hiding in the leaves above your head! It's the perfect opportunity to take it by surprise... What are you going to do?

Wild Minccino appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
Hiding in the tree tops.

Trainer: Bando
Party: Snorunt
Currently: Lost on Route 1

Hahaha i laught to myself as i spot the tail of a Minccino. "Woot it feels like all that running from earlier has caught up with me lets find a spot to lie down ok Snorunt, ah the place under this tree seems like a good spot to rest for a bit." As we move closer to the base of the tree i can see the tail swaying a bit more rapidly, not sure if it plans to attack i make the first move.

"Snorunt quick Headbutt the base of that tree." Snorunt charges and attacks the tree and out falls Minccino from its branches. Minccino gets up and rubs its head then realises he is trapped between Snorunt and Bando.

"Hahaha! Did you think you could get the drop on us, not smart, now get ready for our revenge. Now Snorunt its time to battle! ...Just kidding I wanted to thank you, if it wasn't for you Snorunt and I would still be stuck in the woods hahaha. Well we should be on our way thanks again." As we turn to leave the wild Minccino cuts us off and gets in a battle stance.

"Hahaha, ofcourse a battle is a great way to part but ive come to like you so be aware i plan to catch you this time. Now lets battle, Snorunt use Double team." The wild Minccino is surrouned by after images of Snorunt, Minccino uses Tail Slap and hits Snorunt 3 times the after images fade away and Minccino attacks again with a Pound. "Snorunt use Protect then attack with Headbutt." Minccino's attack hits a wall of energy surrounding Snorunt and the energy knocks Minccino away. Snorunt rushes Minccino and attacks with a Headbutt, direct hit.

"Pokeball go!"

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