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Originally Posted by Morph View Post
Trainer: Bando
Party: Snorunt
Currently: Lost on Route 1

"Oooo. Quick lets chase after it Snorunt ." After we lose sight of the Minccino we stop to catch our breathes.

"Ha...ha...ha, he was a fast one. Oh what's this, looks like we found our way back on the path lets continue on."

*Walking along route 1.*
Official's Post

You find your way back to the path and everything seems calm again as you continue your journey with Snorunt. Every so often you hear a rustling in the leaves above and get the feeling you're being watched. Of course, it's probably just the wind...

After a time, the rustling becomes more consistent. You're sure that there's something up in the branches above your head. You stop for a moment and look up. The creature twitches slightly, and you catch sight of a grey and white tail poking out of the leaves. You know that tail!

It seems the Minccino from earlier has been following you for some reason, and is now hiding in the leaves above your head! It's the perfect opportunity to take it by surprise... What are you going to do?

Wild Minccino appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
Hiding in the tree tops.
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