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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:

The Mincinno wasn't sure whether to be offended or happy with the first comment you made. Was being brave better than being smart? It wasn't sure. Still, it hoped to outsmart you in this conflict.

You throw the Poke Ball at the wild Pokemon, telling it to 'be smart'. Stop sending the poor thing mixed messages - first it's unwise to battle, and now it's smart to be captured? It must be so confused as to what to do right now.

I'm sure it'll make the right judgement.

No! It appeared to be caught!

The wild Mincinno pulls down its eyelid, sticks out its tongue and turns around to flee, but not before slapping its rear and mocking you as it does so. Oop.
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"Oooo. Quick lets chase after it Snorunt ." After we lose sight of the Minccino we stop to catch our breathes.

"Ha...ha...ha, he was a fast one. Oh what's this, looks like we found our way back on the path lets continue on."

*Walking along route 1.*

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