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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post


Do you remember this guy? It's the same chump who met you on Route 1. If you don't remember, he certainly remembers you.

"Hey, kid!" he calls over to you, waving at you obnoxiously. "Your name is Quit, isn't it? I guess your parents already knew you were going to be a loser!"

He snorts annoyingly.
Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Bobalina, Neku, Miles
Location: Route 3

"Sara, Leaf Tornado, NOW," Quinn said. Sara whipped up a tornado made of leaves, circling Jackson, hurting him.

"What was that for, jerk?!" He said.

"Miles, Hypnosis."

"Muuunn," He replied. In an instant, Jackson fell asleep.

"Bobalina, T--Wait, Neku, Water Gun on his pants. For good measure." Neku sprayed water onto the jerk's pants, looking like he wet himself.

"Bobalina, Twister." Bobalina summoned a little tornado of such and flew Jackson to God knows where.

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