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Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Bobalina, Neku, Miles
Location: Route 3

"Miles," Quinn starts. "YOU JUST KILLED THE REAL MILES EDGEWORTH! THE LEGENDARY PROSECUTOR! I would've preferred it if you did it to Franziska..."

"MUN-JECTION!" Miles replied.

"Woah, you're right. It isn't the real Edgeworth! Ooh, hey, 5 Stars!"

Quinn received 5 Stars!


Do you remember this guy? It's the same chump who met you on Route 1. If you don't remember, he certainly remembers you.

"Hey, kid!" he calls over to you, waving at you obnoxiously. "Your name is Quit, isn't it? I guess your parents already knew you were going to be a loser!"

He snorts annoyingly.

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Treading to Route 4

"Route 4 shouldn't be far away now..."


Cerea cried happily.

"So, Route 4 is about a day away, or something like that. So let's hurry!"

Cynda! Na!
Official's Post:

You're right, Route 4 isn't far away now. Unfortunately all of these forest critters just want to hold you up.

Ahead of you, you spot lots of tiny holes. Maybe you should go inspect?
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