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Originally Posted by Morph View Post
Trainer: Bando
Party: Snorunt
Currently: Lost on Route 1

"Oh ho ho!" I point at the the furry Minccino
"It seems you wish to do battle, not very smart but brave." I turn towards Snorunt "Ready to go Snorunt." He grunts in approval. "Runt."

"Hahaha, lets start things off flashy. Snorunt use Flame Wheel." Snorunt charged for his opponent at full speed and as he heard his trainers idiotic command he let out a. "Eh!"Due to that bad call on Bandos behalf, Snorunt lost its balance and fell face first, sliding across the ground before stopping by the feet of his opponent Minccino.

Minccino used Helping Hand to give Snorunt a boost up and followed it with a quick Pound that sent snorunt flying towards his trainer.

"I got you buddy." I shout as i catch Snorunt, I place him on the ground and tell him im sorry. " My bad buddy i got to excited and you paid for it." Snorunt jumps and Headbutts Bando in the gut. "Sno"

"Cough. Ok i deserved that. Cough. How about you give me one of those whenever i make a bad call, huh." Snorunt nod's. "Now lets get serious, Snorunt charge Minccino and use Double Team." Snorunt stops infront of Minccinoand surrounds it with after images. Minccino uses Double Slap and misses twice the returns to the center.

"Good now use Icy wind and finish it off with a Headbutt." Snorunt releases a wind of icy coldness towards Minccino and hits directly. A thin layer of ice covers Minccino legs makeing it difficult to move, Minccino forces the ice to break to but is hit with a missle like Headbutt to the gut. Minccino falls.

I throw my pokeball. "Be smart Minccino, pokeball go."
Official's Post:

The Mincinno wasn't sure whether to be offended or happy with the first comment you made. Was being brave better than being smart? It wasn't sure. Still, it hoped to outsmart you in this conflict.

You throw the Poke Ball at the wild Pokemon, telling it to 'be smart'. Stop sending the poor thing mixed messages - first it's unwise to battle, and now it's smart to be captured? It must be so confused as to what to do right now.

I'm sure it'll make the right judgement.

No! It appeared to be caught!

The wild Mincinno pulls down its eyelid, sticks out its tongue and turns around to flee, but not before slapping its rear and mocking you as it does so. Oop.
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