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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

This is the Trainer Card of Markus Novolos. My mission is to stop a crazy Psycho (who DOES have Psychic powers up the wazoo) from corruputing the world. And all that.

Girius the Crocanaw! (18/18)
Monarch the Shadow Butterfree! (10/10)+5, Stolen
Belt the Weepinbel! (21/21) RIP Belt
Bloodwraith the Shiny Duskull! (?/?)
Natasha the Ponyta! (13/13)
Unreality the Skiploom! (18/18)
Beta the Drowzee! (14/14)
Leo the Onix! (25/25)
M the Unown! (20/20)
Static the Flaffy! (9/9) (Boxed)
Aracho the Spinarak! (6/6) (Boxed)

Name: Markus Novolos
Trainer Class: Bada** Class. No, seriously. Well, I'm Psychic, if you need anything 'real' to go by, but these things are usually unofficial, so...Bada** Class!
Status: OK, new mission: Stop this N-man dude. Also, recover the corrputed victims and see if I can revert it.

Posts: 222
Points Bonus: 12
Points total: 234
Points Spent: 224
Points: 10

Pokedex Total: 14
Pokedex Caught: 11
Pokedex Evolved: 3
Pokedex Fully Evolved: 1

Shadows Purified: 0

Items: Survival Knife Shard, Burnt Tyrant Emblem Shirt and Burnt Tyrant Emblem Jacket, Burnt Deck of Playing Cards, Egg incubator, Mostly Burnt Trainer Starter Kit, Potion (+5 during battle), Somewhat Burnt Apricorn Case, Handcuffs, Lee's file, Rare Candy (Level up fully evolved Pokemon +10)
Zephyr Badge!
Badge Benefits: Lv 25 Pokemon Obey me (Zephyr Badge)
Other Benefits: Met Ho-Oh: Can now hatch Eggs.

Log: Woke up nearby New Bark Town (Time to start this party!); Wrote the Prolouge (+10) Recieved Girius the Totodile and the Trainer Starter Kit (Free, duh); Fled from a Noctowl (-5); Caught a Metapod (-13); Inducted the new Tyrants to Tyrant Clan (Well, that's done); Evolved Monarch into Butterfree (-10); Caught a Bellsprout (-10); Sprout Tower Crisis (Hopefully the Sages don't mind all the burning Ho-oh did); Evolved Belt into Weepinbel (-21); Caught a Shiny Duskull from an Event (-?. No, seriously.); Fled from a Sage (Don't call me a coward, I was all out of Pokemon! -3); Evolved Girius into Crocanaw! (-18); Defeated a Chromie! HELL YES. (Prize to be revealed); Ho-oh's appearance (I have been graced by the Lord of Light: Benefit to hatch Eggs unlocked); Ponyta Hatched (THANK ARCEUS FOR YELLOW!!! -13); Fought Falkner (-15 in fees, Can now make 25-under Pokemon obey me, Drowzee Egg to be recieved!); Caught a Hoppip (-11); Noctowl Man and the Ruins (OK, time to figure out how one can beat a nigh-invincible psychic...); Caught an Unown (-20); Battled...Uhh...My Own Butterfree...It was stolen and brainwashed, don't you dare. (-12 costs, Monarch Stolen and Shadow'd); Obtained a Drowzee Egg; Evolved Unreality into Skiploom (-18); Hatched Drowzee Egg (-14); Caught an Onix...But Belt died. (-25, RIP Belt); Caught a Mareep (-9); Caught a Spinarak (-9)
The Avatar is from 5TailedDemonLizard!

Houndour@4051: Hatch@4066, Houndoom@4123, Level100@4351.

The Nonexistant White Nuzlocke! BEHOLD IT AND DESPAIR!


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