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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Dredd wanted me to make an intro to Gold and Silver. THIS IS IT, FOLKS!)

Hello there, Pokémon Trainers! Welcome, to the d**m tip of the iceberg that you are currently going to regret you ever stepped on at all!! My name is Markus Novolos, and I'll be happy to talk about this whole twisted plot a little bit for newcomers before getting off into the real story, like I already knew everything that was going on but purposely avoiding really critical plot points! In fact, that kind of is the case. But stories are fun when they aren't spoiled, so that's that!

Anyways, we all know the drill, sort of: This is the wonderful world of Pokémon, which can kill you if they so wish in a blink of an eye, and are hypercompetitive as a whole, so they usually will if you're stupid. However, through clever manipulation of their highly competitive behavior and 'stronger is better' kind of hierarchy (and because we didn't really taste good at all to them), humans invented the concept of the Pokémon Trainer so that Pokémon would naturally be attracted to them and join them as willing allies, fighting off other Pokémon and bandits while they travel (sometimes with trading caravans to protect) so that they may get stronger, while the human bonded with the Pokémon and got past all the quirks, creating a lifetime of partnership! Eventually, further manipulation was to create the Pokémon League, a sanctioned sport for the fight-for-your-life battling Pokémon Trainers originally did, that got Pokémon even more compliant to join humans! From there, all it took was the fateful invention of the PokéBall and the advance of technology in general, and humans, possibly the weakest species of Pokémon of all time, according to some, rose to power and became the dominant species on the planet. Weird, huh? Don't get us wrong, we treated our Pokémon nicely and catered to their whims. Their whims just happened to include battling other Pokémon and getting stronger (in most cases), and some Trainers were about as passionate about that as the Pokémon.

Of course, some Pokémon were...Too rare and too strong, per-say. They became the stuff of myth, as apparently, they simply refused to die. Even when they WERE dead. Yhea, weird, but they can revive themselves from the dead, among other, really, REALLY strong powers They eventually came to be known as the Legendary Pokémon, and, considering that the ancient folks realized that they had considerable power over Nature, worshiped them as GODS.

However, we all knew that! What you (probably) DON'T know about is the legend of the four stones of power. The Tyrant stone, the manipulator of emotions and dreams! The Ilex Stone, the manipulator of Time and Space! The Phoenix Stone, the manipulator of life, purity, and souls! The Chrome Spear of Arceus-YES, a chrome spear, something I acknowledge as not being a stone at all-which controls everything the other three didn't cover! They also amplify their own abilities, so having two of the stones together is stronger than having them separate. Have all four-something never done before-and you get immortality, invincibility, omnipotence, omniscience...Not even the Alpha, Arceus, the being that supposedly created the world, would be capable of stopping it, apparently. Yhea, the good stuff, if it's in the right hands. Not so good otherwise.

THIS is the story of how our world nearly self-destruced over that. And yes, world, you were at a serious threat of self-destruction.

...Well, we're actually a third of the way through the story of narrowly adverting the world's end already. Reason being is the actions of Red and Blue team take up that 1/3rd of the story. In the future of Gold and Silver, the Red and Blue teams, separated temporally by three years and not even aware of the other's existence, were thrust headfirst into a conflict involving Team Rocket, f***a** clowns, Legends, corrupt companies, and a darkness that threatened to envelop the world with the four stones. They came to realize the other's existence, and as they traveled, they unraveled the twisted hell the world got itself into, and ultimately stopped all of the above. Sort of. By a combination of stupidity and bad luck, the darkness came right back after its defeat, It went back in time, using the power of one of the stones (It had three: Ilex, Tyrant, and Phoenix). Using the Ilex stone, the darkness created a temporal portal to this time. It's goal was unknown to those that witnessed it, but anyone could have guessed it wasn't going to be exactly good. However, some (not all) from Red team and Blue team had followed, attempting to stop the darkness before it was too late. That wasn't going to happen all at once. A combination of a benevolent force-one of the Legends, I've always thought-and a malevolent force-the darkness-made those that went lose almost everything, or at least kept it somewhere safe: All their money, all their Pokémon, almost all their items, and all their memories, were all lost to oblivion, and they came here with new ones. They currently think they are part of one of two clans, Tyrant and Chrome. They will think they are from that time. they will think they are part of one of the clans. They will think that they always lived here, and were just starting out their journeys, today. But not really. The amnesiacs from the future, and those others, natives to their own time (unlike the amnesiacs), that would join Tyrant or Chrome as well...Those would be the ones that would decide fate: whether the world is enveloped in darkness or granted salvation. Or just blown up.

I personally would prefer the 'granted salvation' ending, because the other two...You do NOT want to know.
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