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wow, wasn't expecting such a large response in just a few days haha

thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone!! feels great to be here.

what am i interested in?? well Pokemon for one thing but i am interested in anime (for example Pokemon and Yugioh), and i proudly own cards for both
I noiced the 'expecto patronum' comment, so i thought you would like to know that I'm also a huge fan of Harry Potter, and even co-admin a successful Facebook page. we are known as "Get away from my godson" *bam* - Sirius. if you would like to check it out I invite you to do so!! (I am known as Prof. Dumbledore on the page) Also, I used to co-admin a Pokemon page but it was deleted.

and lastly, i would like to say that this forum is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
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