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Default Re: Free 6 Speed Bikes Distributed Now

Originally Posted by Sheep View Post
I was totally about to report this thread, aha. You got me (and lots of others XD) totally fooled!

But anyway, hello, Pedro! You might recognize me from elsewhere; I definitely recognize you. Enjoy your stay here on PE2K!
Oh Sheep mah man!!!1!11!
Yeah I've seen you around on multiple forums :3 (Pft, you couldn't have reported me if you'd tried :/)

And shanks! :D

Btw, I just realized that if people thought this was an ad, yet still clicked on the link, you all want free 6 speed bikes :/

Click the banner and join one of the nicest forums I've been on :D You'll have a good time,
meet some nice people, and we'll /*bully you a bit xD*/ welcome you with open arms lol.

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