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Default Re: Elemental Fighters

Name: Orin Redmarrow
Age: 17
Appearance: He is 6'0" with a light build. He has black hair and gray eyes. He is scarred across his back. One of his scars flows down his spine and another joints across his shoulders. He wears black pants and a black hooded jacket. He prefers to always have his hood up.
History: Little is known about the death of Orin's father. It is believed that his father died a coward. Living with this he was constantly antagonized and suffered alone.
Element: Wind
Weapon: He is quite fond of the spear; his spear in particular has a slightly longer than average blade, and is completely blackened. He also carries a hunting dagger that belonged to his father, and can't convince himself to throw it away.
Personality: He has grown to be cold and has a dislike for people. He has a tendency to anger quickly and seems to crave violence.
Other Details: He is faster and stronger than he appears, but lacks a complete mastery of his powers.
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