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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
Whatsup everyone? Its definitely been a good minute since Ive been here. How ya doin Dai, Soul, KT, Hectic and Princess? Thats all I recognize as of lately. Whose still active that I remember guys and whose the new guys around here? List would probably be best if you could. Lol. Im starting to get back into my competiveness and need a ass kicking or 2 to get back into gear. Im sure the games changed a bit while I was gone especially with some dream abilities and combos. Once BW2 comes out tomorrow Ill probably be helluva lot more active if other people are. Also WHEN are you guys active cuz I work overnight as Security. So I have my whole day free but work from 10-6 overnight. Still rockin my old school type too if you remember it. Also FCs and everything have changed so Ill need to update those too before any battles.

EDIT: Be back later on today with new FCs and hyperactivity hoping people are on. Ill hit up the XAT too if its the same. Ill find it.
Nothing really, Psyched about B/W 2
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