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Originally Posted by Morph View Post
Trainer: Bando
Party: Snorunt
Currently: Route 1

As Im combing my hair i happened to see a little girl, she startles me. I put my comb back into my pocket and i glance over at snorunt who seems to be locked in gaze starring at the young girl. i close my eyes and speak.

"Hahaha! Your eyes do not decieve you little girl it is indeed I, Bando along with my trust worthy partner Snorunt, we travel the lands looking for journey and adventure. Its true our journey just began but theres no doubt in my mind that you have somehow heard of us and are our first fan. Hahaha! You are indeed smart."

i open my eyes expecting to see the little girl with her eyes wide open with excitment, but to my surprise she was no longer there. shocked i head in the direction where she was last standing.

"Oh little girl, theres no need to be shy would you like to pet snorunt how about an autograph." I spot her again and follower her as we head further away from the path from which we came.
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You follow the girl for what seems like a long time. When you try talking to her, she ignores you and keeps beckoning you on. She leads you through the trees, twisting and turning. You begin to wonder if you're going in circles...

Eventually the girl stops. You are now standing in a small clearing surrounded by trees. She faces you from the other side of the clearing and finally lifts her head to reveal two large, red eyes under all that hair! Immediately she begins to transform... into a Haunter!

"Hau hau hau!" the Ghost Pokemon laughs, covering its mouth with its giant purple hands. It begins to float around you, still cackling, and then flies back into the forest, leaving you alone.

Alone... and lost! You have no idea where Haunter led you and this little detour is going to cost you some valuable time! Good luck finding your way back to the path!

Add 6 hours to your travel time!
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