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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Trainer: Minako
Currently: Entering Route 4

"We're here!" Minako said. Her team looked around the Route. Sora noticed a strange round object in the bushes. She picks it up and hands it to Minako.

"What's this, Sora?" Minako retrieved the item from Sora. "It's another TM." Minako reads the print on the TM. "Apparently, this TM is TM19 which is Telekinesis. Cool!"

Minako obtained TM19 Telekinesis!

"Let's see what else is on this Route."

Minako and friends are entering Route 4 from Route 3.
Official's Post

You feel quite relaxed as you step onto Route 4, and take a minute to reflect on your journey so far. Not only have you managed to add four new Pokemon to your team, but Marley is looking pretty strong and you both have made a lot of new friends.

You enjoy the peace of the forest and the relief of the shade on such a warm day. It's actually darker here than you thought...

A rustling sound can be heard overhead and something drops right out of a tree and lands before you on the leafy ground.

"Bell... sprout?" It looks at you unsurely, tilting its overlarge head. It watches you cautiously for a few seconds, almost as if it's scared to move... now's your chance!

Wild Bellsprout appeared! Write a paragraph to catch it or run!
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