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Originally Posted by Morph View Post
Trainer: Bando
Party: Snorunt
Currently: Leaving Adromeda Town entering Route 1

"Hahaha! We made it out of town Snorunt, we should take our time and leave no stone unturned as we continue our way through here. That's being smart. Hahaha!" I whip out my comb and fix my hair as i laugh proud of my accomplishments so far.
Official's Post

You enter Route 1 with your Snorunt, looking forward to all the adventures before you. Well, here comes one now! Off to your left is the figure of a little girl. Her dark hair covers her eyes, but a small smile is on her face.

Without saying anything, she beckons you over with her hand. She then moves further off the path, as if wanting you to follow her. There's definitely something strange about this girl, but who knows, maybe she just needs your help?

Do you follow the strange girl off the path or ignore her and keep walking down Route 1?
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