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Originally Posted by Teo View Post
Official's Post

PKMN Trainer Sarah whips the ball forth at Roggenrola. Upon imact, Roggenrola glows red and is instantly sucked into the ball.






Roggenrola was caught!

Would you like to give Roggenrola a Nickname?

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Roggenrola was caught!

The ball stopped moving with a PING! Aster reached out a vine, picked it up and handed it to his trainer. "Thanks Aster," Sarah smiled. "That was a great battle." Poor Aster was puffing tiredly. "I think you should have a rest, buddy." Sarah grabbed Aster's Pokeball from her bag and returned her starter.

"Now Roggenrola, come on out!" The strange rock appeared in a flash of red. It as hard to tell, but it looked kind of angry... "I promised you some food, so here it is." Sarah said, handing the strange rock some berries. Roggenrola's attitude changed immediately as it somehow managed to scoff down the food.

"You need a nickname too, but in the meantime, have a rest!" Sarah smiled when Roggenrola had finished eating and was bouncing happily from foot to foot. "Reni, it's just you and me for now. We'll learn to battle together!"

Sarah and her Sunkern continued up the path. Suddenly a row of houses came into view. The gurgling of a river was loud here. "I think we made it! That's Navi Town!"

Sarah left Route 2 and entered Navi Town.
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