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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(For the record, I wouldn't really care when it would occur, but I would just love it if Jin shows up later in the GCeA story (not nessicarily in Kanto) EXACTLY as Markus is potraying him here. It would just be absolutely funny to realize that Max got ABSURDLY lucky when teleporting him away, as if Jin figured out beforehand and is as much of a bada** as Markus will shortly discribe him, well...and for those who don't know, Jin was a bit character-a worker in the Celadon Department Store who had access to a landromat that Red team needed to infiltrate to get Rocket Uniforms. Max KOed him and teleported him to Sinnoh's Floroma Meadows, no battle involved.)

Well, today starts off with jacka**es kidnapping Max and Koga. Hopefully by tonight we won't have to simultaniously run from the entierty of the Council of Legends-including Giratina, an army of Rockets, having freshly inducted the whole of Silph Company's defensive forces, and all associated with them-including that Jin dude Max teleported away as a suprise bondafide bada** extrordinaire, the entierty of the 3-Ring Roughousers, who, in our only mercy, are NOT allied in any way with the Rockets, wielding really morphed-up mons that almost don't even remotely resemble any kind of Pokemon if you weren't looking hard enough, yet are simultaniously the most bada** things you will ever see, and MORE! YES! MORE THAN WHAT I CAN POSSIBLY DREAM OF! And my dreams wind up being extremely...Wierd.

...I'm afraid to ask, but considering everything else, checking on mental health is probably for the best, so...HOW wierd, exactly?

It's been a standing condition, really.

...You could have told me that, and that would have taken most of my worries away about the trance. The heartbeat was too slow for just sleeping, though.

That one of my dreams would be fuzzy is a first. So it's signifigant.

I see...Not really.

I can kind of get that...

...Oh, yhea, vibes...Ugh. Same strong Psychic presence that's been tailing my mind all around for pretty much half of Kanto. Most likely Celebi, on pure virtue very few other Psychic presences of THAT strength exist. Probably the only think keeping us bloody well alive.

One of the few things that I'd agree upon without much argument: Celebi is probably saving our rear ends a LOT. So at least there's that. *Notices Keycard* Hey, Look! A Keycard, probably from whoever did this...*Picks up Keycard and reads off of it*

Other than that...Ugh. Lemme dig into it more. *Reads for subtler Psychic presences in the area*
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