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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
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You know, it's often not wise to treat people like that, even if they're complete tools. Karma is not friendly on the unfriendly.

Karma has obviously made a special exception for you, however. In fact, you've been rewarded. I guess that guy was dangerous.

However, Karma is a double edged sword. They've rewarded you with a foaming-from-the-mouth behemoth straight from hell.

A wild Poochyena appeared!
Raging at you.
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently: route 3
Pigd since you have evolved i best try how powerfull you are now
Poochyena used Sucker punch on pigd as he used Quick attack on it
Dam we have to be more careful with it
Poochyena used ice fang on Pidg
Tiny tells Pidg to fly out of it reachs for the moment
So the Pochyena use Howl Pigd is told t use brave bird
Tiny then launched a Pokeball at the Pochyena
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