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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Battling Munna

"Oh, ha ha! A Munna! It's so cute! Don't you agree, Volcano?"


"Let's catch it! Volcano, use Flame Charge!"

Volcano darts a Munna, fire covering his body. He crashes into Munna, and darts back.

Mun! Munnaaaa!

Munna fought back with a powerful Psychic"olcano! Watch out! Use Quick Attack to counter!"

Volcano dashes past the attack and hits Munna head on.

"Now, finish it with Flamethrower!"


Fire spouts from Volcano's mouth. The inferno covers Munna, and leaves her downed.

"No, let's go Pokeball!!"

I chuck a Pokeball at it, and it wobbles slowly.

Official's Post

The Munna is sucked into your Poke Ball, trying to escape feebly.

No! It appeared to be caught!

However, the Munna still has some fight left in it! It fires off a Psybeam attack at your Cyndaquil as a warning.
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