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Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Trainer: Quinn
Location: Training Area

*Costume change into male B2/W2 Snivy colored look-alike*

Quinn looks over at the "flying fox." "That's not a flying fox," Quinn said.

"Yes it is, what else would you call it?" Marcus replied.

"A zipline. Well, let's get started, shall we?" Quinn and Neku move to the tires. "Ready?"

"Woopa, woopa!" Neku replies. Quinn navigates the tires with ease, but looks back to see Neku struggling. Quinn helps the creature jump out and teaches it how to navigate it with Neku's short body. Now, the pool of mud. This time, Quinn is having trouble, whilst the Wooper is breezing through. Quinn gets through and checks the time left. 29:30 'Great.' To the nets they go. Quinn puts Neku on his shoulders, knowing that the little creature couldn't possibly climb the net without any hands. He checks the time again. 20:00 'Doing good' The trees. "Oh, great," Quinn said with remorse. "I'll put you ba--" Neku latched onto a rope using it's teeth. Swinging through trees, swinging through trees! Ahem, yes. Rocks. There were small rocks and bigger rocks. Neku took the smaller ones and Quinn took the bigger ones. 5:23 The monkey bars. Neku back on Quinn's shoulders. Quinn slightly struggles with the money bars, but makes it through. 4:23 'Wow.' To the flying fox! Ziiiiiiiippppppppppppp!!!! 3:00 'Almost out of time...!' The swings. "Wheee! Wheee!" The seesaw. Moar "Wheees!" The giant slide. Quinn screams while going down. 'Almost...almost...' 5...4...3...2... DINNNNGGGG!!!! Quinn jumps off, followed by Neku. "How'd we do?" Quinn asks Marcus.


"Well done young man! It's clear your Pokemon has warmed up to you quite a lot! Look at that, it's gained experience equal to 2 Wi-Fi battles! I would say this session was a big success. Well done Neku and Quinn. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I hope you'll come and visit again some day!"

Neku has gained +2 Wi-Fi battles of experience! Make sure you make a note in your stats that it was obtained via the Trainer School (either in your journey log or in a separate section).
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