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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four/ Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
Lunch Room/ Roof

“It’s nothing.” Ichiru responded, although the group seemed unconvinced. “He’s just trying to mess with her head again. I’ll go try to calm her down.” Ichiru then rose to his feet, bringing Kiseki to attempt to grab his brother as everyone at the table looked at Ichiru. Since all eyes were on Ichiru's face they had missed him giving Kiseki the note, Ichiru then walking towards the exit.

"Oh crap..." Jeremy muttered when seeing Ichiru approaching Matt's table, then punching the other tribute in the face.

“Ichiru!” Kiseki said as he sprang to his feet, though he didn't go after his brother since Ichiru didn't continue the attack. Ichiru punched Matt on the left side of the jaw, the impact causing Matt to fall to the ground as Coral and their mentor looked at the scene in shock.

“Deal’s off, assh*le.” Ichiru growled in a low voice, bringing Matt to wipe away blood from his lip as he watched Ichiru leave the room.

"You'll regret that." Matt snarled as he pushed himself back to his seat.

"Now what do we do?" Coral asked as she looked at Matt and their mentor.

"Now the two of us just stick together and take them out one at a time." Matt responded.

"Matt must really be pissing off Ichiru." Caroline commented as she looked at everyone.

"I think we all know why." Stefan said as he looked up to Katniss and Peeta, who nodded in agreement.

"He started to care for her already." Katniss said, looking over to Aria who was still clearly shocked by everything. Kenny wrapped an arm around the toddler for comfort as Jeremy looked up, seeing Amelia still sitting by herself. He knew that she was Keiru's sister, though he still didn't know that the only reason why Keiru shot the arrow at Aria was to actually protect her. Peeta noticed Jeremy's gaze and followed it, seeing that Jeremy was looking over to Amelia. The fact that Keiru knew of the rebellion shocked Peeta a bit, though he also wanted to know if Amelia knew anything about it as well.

"Jeremy." Peeta said, Jeremy turning back to his father. Peeta knew better then to mention the rebellion right now, so his plan was to try and get close to Amelia first by gaining her trust and then question her. "Why don't you go over there and get to know Amelia?"

"But her brother shot that arrow at Aria." Jeremy responded in shock.

"Yes, her brother. Not her. Do you see them sitting together? No. Just go say hi and start up a conversation." Peeta said, bringing Jeremy to sigh. He stood up with his tray and walked across the lunch room, giving Amelia a friendly smile as he sat across from her.

"Hey, I'm Jeremy. I was wondering why you were sitting by yourself." Jeremy said.

"Watch out. There might be another romance." Caroline chuckled as she looked to Jeremy and Amelia, then over to Kiseki and giving him a smile.

"You're right. There certainly might be another one happening shortly." Stefan added with a smirk, though he wasn't talking about Jeremy and Amelia as he looked to both Caroline and Kiseki.

“Ashley.” Back on the roof Ashley was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't hear Ichiru arrive on the roof until after she heard his voice, bringing her to freeze from pacing as she quickly looked over to him. “I don’t know what he said to you just now, but whatever it was, it was a lie.” Ichiru paused for a moment, giving Ashley the time to recollect herself from the shock of seeing Ichiru and quickly walked up to him with her fists tightened.

"Give me one good reason why I should believe you." Ashley growled in anger.

“I don’t know why or how, but somehow in this short amount of time I’ve come to really care about you and your family. I know it seems unlikely considering our situation and all of the betrayal that generally comes from it, but it’s true.” Ashley looked down when Ichiru paused.

“I did make a deal with Matt yesterday, but it was only for the sake of keeping both you and Kiseki safe. He threatened to target Kiseki if I didn't go along with it, but I thought that maybe if I agreed to work with him, I could take him down when he wasn’t expecting it and get rid of the threat. I never intended to betray you.” Ichiru's words brought Ashley to look back up, the two locking eyes with each other. “When I said that I wanted to help you yesterday, I meant it. I really do care about you, and I will protect you, no matter what I have to do in order to.”

Ashley looked down again for a few moments, letting Ichiru's words sink in. The mention of Matt targeting Kiseki and using him as a threat made complete sense to Ashley, knowing Matt would do something like that. Ashley shook her head as she looked back up at Ichiru, though it wasn't because she didn't believe him.

"This is such a screwed up situation... these Games that we're in." Ashley sighed, though giving Ichiru a small smile. She didn't want to think about when it would be the time towards the very end of the Games, not wanting to think where her and Ichiru stand if they were the remaining two. She just wanted to pause time right then and there, and just live in that moment forever. Ashley kept the end of the Games to the back of her mind right now as she wrapped her arms around Ichiru and hugged him tightly.

"I'm sorry I thought you were really going to betray us. With Matt and these Games... everything is just screwing up in my head." Ashley said, releasing Ichiru and giving another sigh, though the small smile was still on her face.

OOC: Do you guys want me to skip to the night before the Games in my next post or wait a few more posts? Either way is fine with me. I'm just having a little trouble thinking of good posts right now until the night before the Games XD
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