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Originally Posted by steak View Post
trainer: steak
currently: jammin'.

dude this is so sweet.

You return lemongrab and let out your newly caught hoppip. Look at the way this chill mother just floats in the air without a care in the world. You have decided to name this hoppip unreal air.

You check your pockets and see that you only have one poke ball left. What a sad day. You hope there is somewhere nearby where you can get some more.

Come on unreal air, adventure awaits.

Official's Post

Yes. A very sad day indeed. Only one Poke Ball left, my precious Steakums. How on earth will you ever cope when there are vicious beasts to assault you from the left and the right?

Suddenly, your pocket feels lighter. Huh. You find that your one Poke Ball is gone. GONE. FOREVER.

Okay not really. That Aipom over yonder seems to have quickly stolen it from your pocket without you noticing. Oh dear.

A wild Aipom appeared!
Playing with your ball.

Looks like you're going to have to find a way to get the Poke Ball back if you want to catch this one.

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