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Default Re: Crystal's Short Stories

To Overcome Despair
Setting: Pkmn/FFXIII crossover
Rating: G-PG
Several weeks passed and a couple surgeries later, Spinel had finally been released from the hospital. She had already started physical therapy when her injuries allowed it, and so far it had been excruciatingly painful. She hadn’t made much progress in terms of walking on her own. She still needed assistance by another person and a walker, and even so she couldn’t walk far. She still depended greatly on a wheelchair to get around. It was disheartening, but the trainer knew she was only still in the beginning stages of her rehabilitation. She still had a long and hard journey ahead to get where she wanted to be.

Luckily she had already set up her house in case something like this was to occur. Not to mention all the Pokémon that liked to be indoors. Even her Dragonite, Annabelle, liked to be inside from time to time, so there were already wide walkways. The only trouble would be getting up and down the stairs, her bedroom being located on the second floor. And that was where she wanted to be. At the moment the only thing the young woman was thinking about was going to her room and going to bed, having already had a long and difficult day. With some quick thinking she had called upon Alistair once more, the Nidoking not minding at all carrying her if needed. He easily carried her and her chair up to the second floor, three more Pokémon following behind. Once at the top of the stairs Alistair put his trainer back in the wheelchair, knowing she’d rather not be carried the rest of the way. The Totodile, Delcatty, and Granbull that had followed went on ahead to meet the woman in the room while the Nidoking went back down to the main floor. As he did so a Glaceon quickly passed him to meet the others.

It was clear to the first three that the trainer wanted space, the three of them having been with her all day. They remained outside the bedroom, just making sure Spin was able to get into the room without problem. However the Glaceon went in right after her, having been here at the house most of the time she had been in the hospital. He came in to witness her almost struggling to get into bed from the chair. When she had she groaned, it still being painful to put her whole weight on her legs. With more difficulty she was able to get completely onto the bed, making sure to prop her legs up on some of her extra pillows. She sighed just before the ice-type jumped on to join her, being extra careful not to jostle the bed too much as he crawled up to lay next to her, his head by her shoulder.

“Hey Kai,” Spinel said, reaching out to run her fingers through his fur. “Been keeping things in order here?”

“Of course, darling,” Kai replied. “With Dad and Nina helping out we’ve kept things in top shape in and out of the house.”

The trainer smiled. “That’s good,” she replied, her voice telling how tired she was.

“I’m glad you’re finally home, hon. We really missed you.”

“You have no idea how happy I am to be back. I was about to go insane if I had to stay there any longer.”

The Glaceon chuckled. His ear twitched when he heard the door softly shut, turning to see the Granbull had joined them. He had only recently joined Spin at the hospital, Ren and Éclair having been there since day one. Most of the Pokémon were worried about their trainer, however most knew to also give her time to get settled back into the house before coming up to her. Kailash and Jarl were exceptions, wanting to be close to the woman. Ren and Éclair were also in this category, but since they refused to leave her side while in treatment they had decided that maybe a night apart wouldn’t do any harm, not with all the others here to help out. The purple dog-like Pokémon went to the other side of the bed, but he chose to sit next to it instead of joining the two right away. He needed permission to join them, which he got when the woman patted the free space on the other side of her. The normal-type then carefully jumped up and curled into his trainer’s side, huffing in content once he was comfortable.

After a moment Spinel let out a deep sigh. “It’s hard,” she then said. “It’s really hard, going through the surgeries and therapy.”

Kai and Jarl then shifted slightly so they could rest their heads on the woman, the Glaceon’s coming to rest on her shoulder and the Granbulls’ on her stomach. They saw silent tears slide down her face and felt her body vibrate with keeping back her sobs. Kailash moved so he could wipe some of the tears away with his tail while Jarl nuzzled into her stomach, both wanting to know it was okay.

“You’re doing great, my lady,” Jarl spoke, his voice deep but comforting. “You’ve already accomplished so much since you started your therapy.”

“I know,” the trainer said softly. “But it’s still hard, pushing myself like this. It’s painful, but I don’t want to have to be in a wheelchair the rest of my life.”

“And you won’t be, hon,” Kai said. “You’ll get there. Just be patient and not force it. You’ll be back on your feet in time.”

“I don’t know if I can take much more,” Spin admitted, the tears flowing again. “The pain gets more intense in each session, and now it doesn’t feel like I’m making any progress. I can hardly put any weight on my legs, having to hold myself up with whatever I’m leaning on and on my arms.”

“It’s just an obstacle to overcome, remember.”

“You believed in us when we thought we could not accomplish a task,” Jarl added to what Kai said. “Now it is our turn to return the favor, madam.”

The young woman placed a hand on both their heads, stroking her thumb against their fur. She continued to silently cry, not even having the energy to whimper. The two Pokémon remained where they were, snuggled against their trainer. They wouldn’t have left even of she told them to. They could tell she needed someone there. She held on to them tightly, her grip only starting to loosen as she calmed down. It wasn’t long until her grip went completely slack and her breathing even. When they checked they noticed she had just fallen asleep. Kai smiled before he jumped off the bed. He went to crack the door open in case the others wanted to come in and check before he went to get a throw blanket. Once he had one across his back he turned the lights off and returned to the bed, moving the wheelchair away from the bed so no one tripped on it before jumping back up. With Jarl’s help they covered Spinel with the blanket before they curled back up next to her, soon joining her in peaceful slumber.
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