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Default Crystal's Short Stories

As the title says, the following will be short stories. I have been writing a lot lately, mainly in a Pokémon and Final Fantasy XIII crossover setting. I also have my own pairings in this setting, which does include same-sex relationships. If you read my shorts please to not flame me for the pairings. You have been warned! Also some shorts I post may not be in that setting. This is a collection of short stories I write, so content and rating will vary.

Now then this post will serve as an index, following posts will be the stories themselves or replies to any comments I receive. So I'll quite wasting time and get on with it X3

  1. Rise of Éclair PG-rated Pkmn/FFXIII x-over
  2. To Overcome Despair G/PG-rated Pkmn/FFXIII x-over
  3. Jarl's Story G-rated undecided
  4. Passing the Torch G-rated Pkmn
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