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Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Trainer: Quinn
Location: Trainer's School, Navi Town

"Hmm..." Quinn didn't know who to leave with the man. Neku, the one who was newly caught, or Bobalina, the friend from Route 1. It was obvious that it wouldn't be Sara, for she evolved. "I think I'll leave Neku, my Wooper, here." Quinn hands the ball to Marcus while saying, "Sorry, buddy."

Quinn leaves Neku with Marcus temporarily.


"Oh ho! Where do you think you're going youngster? This is training for both humans and Pokemon! It will increase your bond!" Marcus says. He hands Neku's ball back to Quinn and gets him to release the Wooper. "Now come this way." He leads them to the back of the trainer school where a kind of obstacle course is set up. Tyres are lined up on the ground, there are pools of mud to wade through, nets to climb, ropes hanging from trees to swing on, rocks to leap over, monkey bars, a flying fox, swings, a seesaw and a giant slide.

"This will raise Neku's endurance and strength. You both should do your best and complete the course as fast as possible! You have one hour to do as many laps as you can. I'll record your progress and let you know how you did at the end of one hour. Now go for it!"

Write a paragraph about completing the course with Neku. In one hour, Marcus will tell you how much Neku's strength has improved.
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