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Default Re: Gym Leader Applications

Gym applying for: Solstice City

Pokemon using (max 8): Lunatone, Solrock, Omastar, Mawile, Scizor, Bronzong, Corsola, Shuckle

Custom gym rules:
  • The Gym Battle will be a Double Battle.
    • After receiving the badge, all future battles will be Rotation.
  • No more than four Pokémon may be used during the battle.
  • All Pokemon must be level (49)50 to participate.
  • Evasion, OHKO, Species, and Sleep clauses are in effect.

Gym backstory:

After defeating the evil Queen Beryl and stopping the plans of the Dark Kingdom, Usagi Tsukino died using the full power of the Ginzuishou. With her dying breath, it granted her final wish to have everyone reborn, erasing the events of the past year.

However, she was not returned to her normal life in the Juuban District of Tokyo. She awoke in the Celestia Region, with an arsenal of adorable Pokémon at her side. Using their cuteness and strength to her advantage, she quickly became Sailor Solstice the Moon Princess Gym Leader of Solstice City.
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