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Originally Posted by mintjelly View Post
Trainer: Minty
Party: Ralts, Minccino and Nincada
Currently: Setting up camp

"Well, I guess we're gonna be stuck here for a little while guys. Everyone get's a task, okay?" Minty says to her Pokemon.
The Pokemon reply.
"Alrighty then! Ralts I'm gonna need you to gather some sticks. Twister, go with Ralts and if you find any soft leaves, bring them back." Minty says to her Pokemon.
Ralts and Twister walk off into the woods.
"Nincada, I want you to go looking for some food for us. I'm gonna start a fire."
Nincada buzzes into the trees to search for food.
Minty sits down and begins to build a fire.
"I shoud ask Quinn or Eti if either of them packed up my tent when they left Route 2..." Minty thinks to herself as she builds a fire.
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Nice and toasty, are you? That's a luxury a lot of the wildlife around here have never experienced! As such, a little baby Pichu wanders up to your campsite.

After looking at the fire, it suddenly gets overexcited and begins to jump all over your things, releasing sparks from its cheeks! What were you thinking, leaving yourself defenseless in the woods like that?!

Luckily, your Nincada has returned with some berries and sees what is going on.

What will you do?!

A wild Pichu appeared! Write a paragraph to catch it, or run!
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