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Originally Posted by Pokemon Breeder Dustin View Post
Trainer: Dustin
Currently: Entering Route 1 from Andromeda Town

Dustin arrives on Route 1, his first step causing an explosion of sparkles and glitter around him and Litwick. When the magic vanishes, it leaves Dustin dressed in a red/white/blue sailor suit, Litwick sitting on his shoulder bearing a golden crescent moon shape vaguely where its forehead would be.
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Your sparkly antics have not gone unnoticed. The shiny fiasco has attracted a particularly superstitious Pidgey.

The Pidgey soars down right at you and your Litwick, thinking "PIDgey! PIDgey! PIDgey!", which would translate to the common tongue to something like, "Witchcraft, witchcraft, witchcraft!"

Wild Pidgey appeared! You may choose to battle or run! If you want to catch it, write a paragraph about the battle!
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