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Originally Posted by Cheerful Cherubi View Post
Trainer: Kyle Cheri
Party: (Toby), (Aerial)
Currently: Welcoming the new team member.

Kyle takes his newly caught Pidgey out of its Poke ball. Feeling like a professor, Kyle asks the small bird, "Are you a boy or a girl?"

"Pidge! Pidge!"

"So.... You're a girl?"

The Pidgey responds excitedly, "Pidge!"

"That's great! I'll name you... Aerial! That's a good name. Aerial, this is Toby."

Toby responds, "Pree, Togepree!"

"Toby, Aerial, let's keep exploring this route to see what else we can find. Maybe we'll even find another Pokemon!"
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You push through some overgrowth and find yourself in a small clearing.

Oh, you found something, alright.


Whoa! This one's angry! REALLY angry! Before you know it, it's after you!

Since you are PRETTY SURE neither your Togepi nor your Pidgey can take on a furious Rhydon, you run for your life!

After a few minutes, you stop to catch your breath. Just as you assure yourself that the coast is clear, you hear a tree come crashing down somewhere behind you.

Better find somewhere safe and wait it out! Add 6 hours to your travel time.
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