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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Battling Roggenrola

Sarah jumped in fright as something cold nudged her leg. A strange rock seemed to be staring at her sandwich. Wait... rocks don't stare...

Sarah quickly flicked through the dex pages on her PokeGear. "A Roggenrola, huh? A Rock-type! Awesome!" Sarah stood up and Roggenrola's eye stayed fixed on her food. "You're hungry, are you?" She wondered what rocks even ate. It didn't even seem to have a mouth! "Will you have a battle with me?" Sarah asked. "No matter the outcome, I promise I'll give you some food after."

Roggenrola tilted its head unsurely, and then nodded its assent. It jumped backwards onto the path.

"Alright Reni, it's time for your first battle! Let's go!"

Reni the Sunkern stepped forward nervously, eyeing Roggenrola.

The rock didn't wait for Reni to attack, it began to shoot Rock Blasts at Reni, who dodged behind her trainer's legs.

"Come on Reni, get out there!" Sarah cried, but Reni wouldn't move. "Fine then, use Mega Drain!"

Glowing green lights began to snake their way toward Roggenrola, enveloping it as its energy began to be drained.

Before the attack finished, Roggenrola spun to the side, skidding on the path. The Sand Attack flew up, spraying Sarah in the face.

"Pah!" Sarah spat out the sand. "Are you okay Reni?"

Reni had dodged the attack by hiding behind Aster.

"Oh, this is no good." Sarah sighed. "Okay Aster, show her how it's done!"

Aster dashed forward happily to face Roggenrola. "Now use Razor Leaf!"

Roggenrola dodged the two super sharp leaves and used Rock Blast. The rocks slammed into Aster, knocking him backwards.

"Are you okay?" Sarah called, but Aster was already back on his feet.

"It's time to finish this! Use Vine Whip!"

Two strong vines shot out from the Bulbasaur's sides and began thwacking the Rock-type. Roggenrola tried to dodge, but Aster's range was too great. Eventually Roggenrola feel over in a daze.

"Great work! Now, go PokeBall!"
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You let the Poke Ball loose, and it hits Roggenrola square in its antenna-dealie. Now this rock is caught in a hard place.





Shoot, it was so close, too!

The Roggenrola escapes from its spherical prison, refusing to be tamed! Truly his determination is rock-hard. After all, the little guy just wanted a snack, not all of this drama! However, now you've made it angry. Roggenrola strikes back!

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