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Originally Posted by Cheerful Cherubi View Post
Trainer: Kyle Cheri
Party: (Toby)
Currently: Going to catch this Pidgey!

"Toby! Look! Let's try to catch it!"

Toby uses Yawn to try to get the Pidgey to fall asleep. The Pidgey uses Gust, and then falls asleep. Toby is knocked back by the Gust attack, but he is very resilient. He gets right back up and uses Metronome on the sleeping bird. Metronome turns into ... ROCK SLIDE! The Pidgey is shaken awake by this attack, taking massive amounts of damage. The Pidgey is very weak now, and Kyle decides to throw a Poke Ball at it!

(And no, I do not look like Ash.)
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You throw that Pokeball with all your might! It hits Pidgey on the back and sucks the bird inside. The ball wobbles slowly on the ground as you and Toby watch with bated breath...


Pidgey was caught!

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