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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Trainer: Minako
Currently: Battling wild Hoothoot

"Okay, Ishiyama. This one's yours." Minako told the pencil sharpener-like Pokemon. Ishiyama walks in front of the wild Hoothoot and stares at it.

"Use Rock Blast!" Ishiyama started shooting rocks at Hoothoot. The move ends up hitting 1 time.

Hoothoot uses Uproar and hits Ishiyama for a small amount of damage. "Rock Black one more time!"

Rock Blast hits 1 more time, causing enough damage to knock Hoothoot onto the ground. It struggles to get up.

"Go, Pokeball!" Minako launched the Pokeball into the air, landed on Hoothoot's head, and sucked Hoothoot in. The ball shakes once, twice, 3 times and...
Official's Post

The tired out Hoothoot is sucked into the Pokeball, which rocks gently on the ground.

Aww, it appeared to be caught!

Hoothoot broke free of the ball, its red eyes blazing angrily! It shoots a Psybeam at Ishiyama, eager to continue the battle!

Write a paragraph to catch Hoothoot!
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