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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Keiru Kozaka,District One/Amelia Kozaka,District One/Brandon Lockhart,District Ten/Christian Wright,District Nine
Lunch Room

Several moments passed before Caitlyn responded to Keiru as she took the spoon from him. “Whenever works for you.” Keiru's grin widened further at her response, but it dropped when she averted her gaze from him.

He pursed his lips and his eyebrows narrowed in confusion as he wondered why she was averting her gaze, and it was then he noticed the red tinge to her cheeks as she continued. “Your date idea sounded interesting… if you still want to do that."

Keiru let out a breath of relief that he hadn't realised he had been holding as his cheeks burned red, a smile adorning his face as he ate a spoonful of ice cream. "Of course, why wouldn't I? I'd be insane not to want to have a date with someone as beautiful as you." His blush deepened as he ate another spoonful of ice cream. "How about tonight? The meal would be a part of it."

Keiru didn't avert his gaze from Caitlyn as he looked towards her, a sheepish smile on his face.

Amelia sighed as she poked at her food, unable to eat any of it as she wasn't hungry, sending glances at Keiru every now and then, a scowl on her face every time she looked over at him, but Keiru didn't seem to notice at all, since his undivided attention was currently on Caitlyn.

Christian meanwhile was shooting a glance every now and then at Caitlyn and then glancing at Keiru, his brows narrowing in concentration, when a voice on his table drew his attention.

"You targeting that Caitlyn girl too?" Brandon asked, bringing Christian's attention to look at the tribute from District Ten.

"Yeah." Christian nodded. "She's a distraction to Keiru. He'd be a useful tool in winning this game. He just exudes power and raw ability. She meanwhile, exudes perfume."

Brandon narrowed his eyes as he turned his attention to Keiru too. The tribute certainly came off as somebody who was undoubtedly strong, and his talent was definitely noticeable, Brandon had noticed it even though he was busy training himself. The man was a walking machine almost, not that Brandon would admit it to anybody else, but in Brandon's eyes, Keiru was his only threat in winning the games. He turned back to look at Christian, and an idea came to his head. He could use the tribute from District Nine to in turn use Keiru, and then take them both out.

"Why don't we make an alliance?" Brandon asked, and Christian looked back at him.

Christian pondered on the offer for several moments. Brandon was definitely skilled, and he would be useful in taking out Caitlyn, since she was a distraction for Keiru, and Brandon seemed to be a threat to Keiru, and he nodded. "Yeah sure."

Christian held out his hand to Brandon, who shook his hand at the prompt. Christian turned to look at Brandon's partner, who nodded at him, before turning his head to his own partner. "You alright with that?"

His partner nodded in response, returning to her meal, whilst Christian turned his attention back to Brandon as they stopped shaking hands. "I'll go after Caitlyn straight away at the Cornucopia, you go get our Alliance supplies."

Brandon fought back a smirk as he nodded, before nodding at Christian's partner. "What about her?"

"She'll back me up." Christian responded. "I presume your partner will come with us to take Caitlyn out too?"

Brandon pursed his lips before responding. "Wouldn't the two of you be able to handle her yourselves?"

Christian shrugged. "It's in case either of us get taken out as we go after Caitlyn. We need to kill her. She's a distraction to Keiru."

Brandon hesitated for several moments. A distraction would be useful, so should he really get his partner to actually go after Caitlyn, but then his thoughts went to the fact that if Caitlyn died, it would destroy Keiru, and he'd be unable to do anything. He'd be a wreck. Easier, much much easier for Brandon to then kill as he'd be distraught over his crush's death. Brandon nodded.

"She'll help." Brandon stated simply. "I'll get the supplies for us, you three go after Caitlyn."
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