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Default Re: Official PE2K Egg Center

Point System

Alrighty guys, so these are the forum activities that will earn you points for items/Pokemon, and their point values. Now, in terms of applying for these points, the activity must be done after this thread is opened. So you can't claim points for a role play you signed up for 2 years ago.

Battle in a tournament (+5 Points)
Win Tournament (+10 Points)
Clan vs Clan Battle Loss (+5 Points)
Clan vs Clan Battle Win (+10 Points)
Forum Member vs Forum Member (+2 Points)
You vs Random Person (+1 Points)

Beat a Gym Leader (+3 Points)
Beat Elite Four (+5 Points)
Become League Champion (+20 Points)

Trading for Pokemon (+1 Point)
Trading for Items (+1 Point)
Cloning a Pokemon for someone (+1 Point)
Ev Training a pokemon for someone (+5 Points)
Egg Move Breed for someone (+8 Points)
Iv Breed for someone (+10 Points)
Help Some get a Pokemon they Need, Just for the Point of Helping (+4 Points)

Creative Writing:
Submit a short Story to Etymology’s Thread (+4 Points)
Create a Short Story (+6 Points)
Add a chapter to Story (+4 Points)
Entering a Writing Contest (+4 Points)
Winning a Writing Contest (+10 Points)

Role Playing:
Post a Role play Signup (+2 Points)
Actively participate in an RP for one month (+5 Points)

Sprite Art:
Recolor (+3 Points)
Fusion (+4 Points)
Scratch (+5 Points)
Your Own Fakemon Sprite (+5 Points)
Make a sprite that a person requested(+ 8 Points)
Enter Sprite Contest (+5 Points)
Win Contest (+10 Points)

Drawn Fan Art (+5 Points)
Original Art (+5 Points)
Graphic Arts (+5 Points)
Creating Banners/Signatures/Avatars for others(+ 8 Points)
Enter An Art Contest (+5 points)
Win Art Contest (+10 Points)

Shun the non-believer

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