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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Caroline!” Caroline heard Kiseki's voice as he ran right to Damon when him and Ichiru returned to the house, seeing the mixture of fear, worry and concern on his face. As Damon continued to hold Caroline and was careful to not make any sudden movements as to not hurt her, Kiseki gently put his hand on her cheek, attempting to heal her wounds. Caroline could tell just by looking at Kiseki that he was weakened, the first thought coming to her head was that Kiseki tried using his Power to find her. “What happened?”

"My dad did this to me." Caroline responded weakly as the group gathered around her. "He knows that I'm a Vampire, that almost all of us are Vampires, and he wanted to fix me. He has it in his mind that he can teach Vampires to repress their Vampire instincts completely with pain. He thinks that Vampires can survive without blood if they truly wanted to."

"That's impossible." Bonnie shook her head.

"Try telling him that." Caroline sighed, looking at Kiseki. "You don't have to heal me. I'll heal on my own, so save your energy."

"What are we going to do about Bill?" Ashley asked. "He'll just keep hunting us."

"We'll compel him to leave town and never come back." Stefan responded.

"Since he knows about Vampires though then he's most likely on Vervain." Diana pointed out.

"Then we'll keep him in one of the cellars down in the basement for a few days until the Vervain is out of his system." Damon responded, looking back down to Caroline. "If that's okay with you though."

"It's fine." Caroline nodded. "Just promise me you won't hurt him. That no one will hurt him." Caroline looked over to Kiseki then; despite the fact of Kiseki's easy-going personality, she knew that what Bill had done to her must be setting Kiseki off with anger, and would probably want to hurt Bill.

"No one will hurt him." Kotomi reassured Caroline, who nodded.

"Both you and Kiseki should get some rest." Isobel said, Damon beginning to walk towards the stairs with Caroline still in his arms.

"I can walk, Damon." Caroline argued.

"Oh be quiet." Damon chuckled as Caroline sighed, Damon walking up to Caroline's room and carefully placing her down on the bed. Kol appeared at the doorway a few moments later with a few blood pouches in hand, Caroline thanking him as he left the room.

"Do you need anything?" Elijah asked as he appeared at the door now, along with Meredith, Kevin and Lexi.

"I'm fine, guys. Really." Caroline said with a smile.

Back downstairs Ashley left the house once again, this time with Stefan and Kol as the three walked into the snow covered woods and found the cellar. After retrieving Bill's unconscious body and making their way back to the house they went down to the basement and locked him in one of the cellars, placing a bottle of water in there as well. When Bill finally wakes up the group was going to try and give Bill food, though they had a feeling that he was going to refuse it.
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