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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Battling Poochyena.

Whilst talking to dj-tiny about the tournament, a small and somewhat timid wild Pokemon walked on over to us. It nodded its head towards the Poke Balls on my belt - I could only assume that it heard us talking about the tournament and wanted to join my team.

"Hey little guy," I crouched down, approaching the Pokemon calmly. "Want to come with us on our journey?"

The Poochyena nodded to say 'no'. It growled slightly. I think it wanted to battle instead.

"Bring it on!" I said to it. "Salsa, you're up!"

I threw my Makuhita's Poke Ball towards the ground, revealing Salsa. It stomped around on the ground, sending the dust of the forest floor everywhere. The Poochyena did not seem rifled. Taking quick advantage of the situation at hand, it bared its fangs and began to run at Salsa.

"Hehe, what a sucker. Everyone knows Crunch isn't very effective on Fighting types, right?" I laughed. However, I'd soon eat my words when I realised what the Dark type was doing. Its fangs started to glow with an icy aura, and it was then that I realised it was performing an Ice Fang attack.

The Bite Pokemon chomped its chilly teeth down on Salsa's arm, causing her to wince in pain. However, this was where I saw my opening.

"Salsa, take advantage and use Close Combat!" I ordered. Salsa, following commands, used its other hand to knock the wild Poochyena off of it. The Poochyena took serious damage from the super effective move. I expected it to faint then and there. However, it stood back up albeit weakly, trying to shrug off the hit that it received. It began to charge forwards again, this time its fangs seething with a fiery heat.

"Watch out for the Fire Fang with a Detect!" Salsa immediately did as ordered and easily evaded the move by pushing the Pokemon's head away from her body and then shoving her away. Figuring that the Poochyena would now be tired from the battle, I threw a Poke Ball.

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