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Default Re: Free 6 Speed Bikes Distributed Now

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
Dat smexy troll face...

Trololol, I was all like "OMG A BOT???" and then I clicked and I smiled and I was like "TROLOLOLOLOL"

xD Welcome to the forum man. You write? Well then, I have a feeling I'll be seeing you in the Creative Writing and RP sections? :D

Keep up the good work - we need more people like you! xD

Hahaha, yeah it's nice to make a good joke every once and a while (Plus, apparently, great first impression xD)

Thank you! :D And yes, I'll hopefully post my fanfics/stories here soon xD (I'm not exactly the best or all too great, but oh well :/)
Originally Posted by Digital View Post
Welcome to the forums PEDRO12, I know you from other forums, so I hope you enjoy you time here.

PS: It's gmandiddy
Oh hey man! Weren't you the first News Writer on TPD?

Aaaanyways, thanks everyone, for the warm welcome :D
I really appreciate it :p

Click the banner and join one of the nicest forums I've been on :D You'll have a good time,
meet some nice people, and we'll /*bully you a bit xD*/ welcome you with open arms lol.
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