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Default Re: Free 6 Speed Bikes Distributed Now

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

No worries. XD

Ahaha, well as long as you don't annoy people too much, I'm sure it'll be fine. xD

Watch your step. You might trip over an apple.

Dey cawl me baws! I ain't trippin over naw apples @{

And lol thanks, I'll try not to troll too many people, maybe a select few :o
You should see what I do to people on other forums. On The Pokemon District lmfao, I'm like talking to this one particular dude named Kami. I say stuff, he responds, then I edit my VMs and go like: "What are you talking about? o.O"

Then he responds and later I start editing his VMs too xDDDD

Gets so funny sometimes lmfao.

Click the banner and join one of the nicest forums I've been on :D You'll have a good time,
meet some nice people, and we'll /*bully you a bit xD*/ welcome you with open arms lol.
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