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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

The Pokemon District is a relatively new Pokemon forum. We do our best to have fun and such, and try to keep it joyable for everyone :D If you're a fan of small places, join there and help us become bigger :D

Well, then it wouldn't be small anymore but lmfao at that xD
We're not 'that' small though :p

*The forum is run of vBulletin 3.8.7
*The banner is a link to the forum.
*In the statement "If you're a fan of small places...", I am referring to this when I say fan: [Link]

Click the banner and join one of the nicest forums I've been on :D You'll have a good time,
meet some nice people, and we'll /*bully you a bit xD*/ welcome you with open arms lol.

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