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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Thirty long minutes had gone by as Bill continued to torture Caroline with the sun, burn patches all over the Vampire's body. Bill held the chain which allowed the sun's beam to shine down on Caroline, the curly haired blonde letting out another painful scream.

"Please stop! Please!" Caroline screamed in pain, Bill releasing the chain as the roof's small door closed once again. Caroline sobbed from the pain as tears ran down her face, her body shaking. "I don't hurt anyone! I swear! Daddy I swear!" Caroline looked over to her father who was walking towards her. "I can handle the urges. I can."

"If you could handle it then this wouldn't happen." Bill responded, waving the blood pouch in front of Caroline. She tried to fight it, but her eyes changed once again as they turned black. Bill pulled away the blood pouch as he looked at his daughter, a pained expression on his face.

"I'm sorry..." Caroline cried, her eyes going back to normal. "I'm sorry."

"I'm conditioning you to associate vampirism with pain. In time, the thought of human blood would make you repress your vampire instincts completely." Bill explained, though Caroline shook her head.

"That's impossible." She looked up at her father, her face soaked with sweat and skin pale. "Daddy you can't change who I am."

"Yes I can." Bill responded.

"No." Caroline shook her head

"You remember this, sweetheart?" Bill asked, Caroline knowing what was about to happen as she braced herself.

"No. No, no, no, NO!" Caroline cried out as Bill pulled the chain and opening the door, allowing the sunlight to seep through. "NO!"

“So, where do you think we should look first?” Aiden asked as he walked down the stairs towards Kotomi. Even though the children weren't actually home yet from school they would be soon, which is why Ashley was staying behind in the search.

"Let's go back to the school and see if we can find any other clues." Kotomi responded, grabbing Aiden's hand and using her Vampire speed to leave the house. Once at the high school's parking-lot Kotomi released Aiden's hand and looked around Caroline's car for any clues, though she wasn't able to find anything at first.

"Great minds think alike." Damon commented as him and Isobel walked towards Kotomi and Aiden.

"Did you find any clues?" Kotomi asked, though Isobel and Damon shook their heads.

"We have to find her." Damon growled in frustration, looking down. It was then he noticed something small underneath Caroline's car, the Vampire raising an eyebrow as he knelt down and grabbed an item.

"What is it?" Isobel asked as her and Kotomi walked towards Damon.

"A wallet." Damon responded, opening it and pulling out a driver's license. "Bill Forbes... why does the last name 'Forbes' sound so familiar?" Damon asked as he looked at the others. Kotomi and Isobel were lost in thought, something clicking in Isobel a few moments later.

"Caroline's last name used to be 'Forbes' before her and Kiseki got married." The group was shocked by Isobel's words, now remembering Caroline's original last name.

"So whoever has Caroline is a family member." Kotomi said.

"Yeah." Damon nodded. "Uncle, father, whoever."

"We need to get back to the house and have Ashley or Bonnie take a look at this." Isobel said. "Since Ashley, Caroline and Bonnie were friends before they even knew the Supernatural world existed then they would know who this man is." Kotomi and Damon nodded, following Isobel back to the house.

"Did you find anything?" Diana asked as the group entered the house.

"We need to know who this man is." Damon said as he walked over to Ashley, handing her the wallet. Ashley looked at the driver's license and was shocked, looking at the group.

"This is her father, Bill Forbes. Where did you find this?" Ashley asked.

"Underneath Caroline's car." Kotomi responded. "He must had dropped it."

"What is he doing here?" Bonnie asked.

"Well the 'Forbes' were one of the founding families of Fells Church, so it actually makes sense for him to be here." Ashley said.

"But we still didn't find Caroline." Damon said, Ashley and Bonnie lost in thought.

"The next place to check would be the land which their family owns." Ashley said. "Do you guys know where it is?"

"No." Damon sighed as Kotomi and Isobel shook their heads.

"I do." Ashley nodded, looking over to Bonnie and Diana. "Could you guys stay here while we go check the Forbes' land?"

"Of course." Bonnie nodded, watching as the group quickly left the house once again.

In the cellar Bill leaned up against the wall as he was lost in thought, looking at his daughter. Caroline wasn't crying anymore, though she was clearly in pain with the burn patches still seen on her body. Bill hated that he had to do this to his only daughter, and truly loved her, but he knew what had to be done.

"I want you to know, that when I figured out you were a Vampire, I cried. I just sat down and cried. I love you so much, Caroline. I never wanted this for you." Bill said in sorrow.

"Dad, I'm okay." Caroline said, her gaze down at the floor. "I've learned to adapt. I don't need to be fixed. I can't be fixed." Bill pushed himself off the wall and walked towards Caroline.

"I always taught you to try your best at everything." Bill said, leaning down next to Caroline. "I need you to try your best. Now." Bill reached over with the blood pouch and placed it in front of Caroline, the Vampire fighting against the veins that threatened to appear underneath her eyes. "Here, see. You're doing it." Bill said, though Caroline shook her head.

"I can't."

"Yes you can. Fight the urge."

"Daddy I'm starving." Caroline cried.

"I know you are, Care. Try."

"Why? You know this isn't going to work." Tears ran down Caroline's face once again.

"It has to work. It's the only option." Bill responded.

"Why are you trying to fix me?" Caroline demanded.

"So I don't have to kill you!" Bill snapped, Caroline quickly looking over to her father in shock. She lost her concentration to fight back the veins as they appeared on her face, Bill standing up and backing away from his daughter.

"Daddy I'm sorry." Caroline said as she looked away, her eyes going back to normal. Bill looked over to the roof's door, walking over and pulling on the chain which caused Caroline to scream out in pain again. This didn't last long however as the sun got blocked by a thick layer of snow clouds, another snowstorm rolling in.

"Looks like the storm is coming early." Bill said, releasing the chain and walking towards the exit. "We'll try again tomorrow." With that Bill left Caroline alone, tossing the blood pouch on the floor.

Ashley led Isobel, Damon and Kotomi to a part in the woods where the Forbes' owned the land, Damon remembering this part from back in 1864 when him and Stefan were still human. The group was walking until the sound of Caroline's scream could be heard, the group stopping and quickly looking around. The scream suddenly stopped, though it was long enough for the group to follow in the direction it came from.

"Caroline!" Damon shouted, Caroline looking up towards the roof's door.

"Damon!" Caroline cried, the group seeing a door which allowed only one person to enter at a time in the ground. Damon tore the door out of the ground and threw it to the side, looking down and saw Caroline. Bill quickly entered the room when hearing the group's voices, seeing Damon jump down into the cellar.

"You bastard." Damon growled as he used his Vampire speed to run up and pin Bill to the wall by his neck.

"Damon don't hurt him!" Caroline shouted as Ashley, Kotomi and Isobel entered the room as well. "He's still my dad!"

"You have to be kidding me." Damon sighed in frustration, slamming Bill's head in the wall to just knock him out. Some sunlight shined through and hit Caroline's skin, causing her to cry out in pain.

"My ring!" Caroline cried, only able to point her finger in the direction where her ring rested on the ground. Ashley quickly found it and placed it on Caroline's finger, her screaming stopping as Kotomi and Isobel broke Caroline free from the chair.

We found Caroline. Meet us back at the house. Damon sent everyone a telepathic message and carefully scooped Caroline into his arms, though the blonde was still clearly in a lot of pain.

"We can't just leave him." Caroline said weakly as she looked at her father's unconscious body.

"He'll leave the cellar when he wakes up." Ashley said, the group using their Vampire speed to race back to the house with Caroline still in Damon's arms.

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